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100% Raw & OrganicPacked with 90+ Nutrients, 46 Antioxidants, 18 Essential Amino AcidsGood for bones, skin, hair & nailsImproves mental & physical health and vigorCan be used Raw or in delicious dishesOrganic Superfood Pakistan brings the most premium quality and organic Moringa Leaf Powder.Please be aware of scammers and fake product sellers using our identity to sell poor quality products on check our shop name when you place an order.Moringa Leaf Powder is made from healthy leaves of Moringa oliefera (Urdu Name: Suhanjhna ) trees grown at our farms where we ensure organic principles and Good Agricultural practices. Organic Superfood Pakistan brings100% Raw, Organic and chemical residues-free for our valued customers who long for pure and natural foods to improve their stamina, immunity, beauty and wellness. Moringa Leaf Powder is a rich source of nutrients, antioxidants and essential amino acids.We are a team of Farmers, Agriculture Scientists and Production experts and we are working hard to produce quality moringa products by following organic principles. Our Moringa Leaf Powder is highly appriciated by the customers including atheletes, dieticians, patients, and the general public. Therefore, scammers and fakers are using poor practices to use our Product Title, Images, and Descriptions to manipulate customers please be aware of this. Organic Superfood Pakistan has dedicately made a vedio on how to use Organic Superfood Pakistan’s Moringa Leaf Powder and the health benefits of Moringa Leaf Powder. Please watch the product vedio for complete guidance. Organic Superfood Pakistan is launching more Organic and Premium quality Moringa products including Loose Leaf moringa Tea, Moringa Energy Bars, Moringa/Drumstick pickles and Moringa Tea Bags very soon. Please follow our Store “Organic Superfood Pakistan” to stay updated with upcoming mircalous moringa products.

100 Grams Moringa Leaf Powder

Fine Grade Powder

Chemical free Powder

100% pure & Natural.

Genuine raw materials without any chemical

Moringa also contains calcium and phosphorous,which help keep bones healthy and strong. Along with its anti-inflammatoryproperties Moringa extract might help to treat conditions such as arthritis and may also heal damaged bones. Thepowerful antioxidants foundin Moringa extract might help prevent cardiac damage and has also been shown tomaintain a healthy heart. People may be less likely to develop stones in thekidneys, bladder or uterus if they ingest Moringa extract. Moringa containshigh levels of antioxidants that might aid toxicity levels in the kidneys.Moringa seed oil is beneficial for protecting hair against free radicals andkeeps it clean and healthy. Moringa also contains protein, which means it ishelpful in protecting skin cells from damage. It also contains hydrating anddetoxifying elements, which also boost the skin and hair. It can be successfulin curing skin infections and sores.

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Increase Metabolism
Increase Energy Levels
Increase Nutrients
Reduces Food Cravings
Balance Blood Sugar & Burning Fats
It Is Rich in Antioxidants
Protect Against Arsenic Toxicity
Helps reduce some diabetes symptoms
Protects the cardiovascular system
Boosts energy levels and increases v i t a l i t y
Increased focus, mental clarity and stamina
Packed with an abundance of all-natural anti-aging nutrients and minerals
Boosts the immune system
Healthier blood naturally
Helps to maintain healthier blood sugar levels within a normal range
Assists in reaching and maintaining an appropriate body weight
Improves mobility and flexibility
Aids with joint pain
Overall well-being


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4 reviews for inspire Moringa Leaf Powder 100 Gram One Rupee Gift

  1. inam kham gandapur

    i got in only one rupee and no shipping charges.

  2. sohail nasir

    free delivery and no price . thanks

  3. Shahzab rao

    ₹1 mein Mil Gai pahle to yakin nahin hai lekin ek rupaye mein hasil Hui

  4. جویریہ

    کیپسول میں ملے کھانے میں آ سانی۔ بہت پسند

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